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Visuals Systems

We are providing wired or wireless projection systems, video wall, LED screen technologies, visual presentation systems, many other technologies that are used in various application fields as well as best brands to our customers.

Audio Systems

Under professional audio systems, we are closely monitoring all developments in the loudspeaker, amplified, mixer, processor, earphone and microphone technologies and we are offering high-quality service to you.

Automation Systems

We ensure management for the audio and visual system on a single interface with automation system integration, hardware and software applications. We are closely monitoring advancements in technology and offering you the most accurate and technological services.

Stage & Lighting Systems

We are selecting robot lightening, spot, light control table, follow spot, moving head, etc. that is suitable for your project with great care and among highest quality brands under our stage lighting and stage effects services.

Conference Systems

With wired and wireless options, we can prepare projects and install conference and translation systems to conference halls at different sizes with reliable, robust and flexible solutions.


We are offering our services with our expert team, knowledge, and skills to meet your demands with our diversified and innovative approach.

Digital Signage

We are offering reliable and best brand options by using Digital Signage technologies in various fields including public, the private sector, commerce, education, healthy and many others with our digital visual content provision service.

R&D Production

We are not fixed on current technologies and we are closely following new technologies to offer the best services. We are conducting creative work in a systematic manner to design new applications.

Technical Service

We ensure after sales service and quality with our expert technical team to solve all your problems related to products and systems.


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